At AquaLux, We Are Committed to Bringing Your Vision to Life


Providing Exceptional Aquarium Service

Aquarium service is critical to ensure a timeless, beautiful tank. Our professional staff will work within any budget and around any schedule.  No job is too big or small! 

AquaLux is proud to provide specially designed professional care aquarium service packages tailored to each tank.

Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

AquaLux Aquatics Design and Maintenance works hand in hand with our clients, design professionals and architects to produce truly unique aquariums with stunning aquascape themes.

With our flexible aquarium maintenance services, just sit back and enjoy the view.

Specializing in Reef Aquariums

Planted tanks, saltwater aquariums and reef tanks need specialized setup and care to make them efficient and problem free.

At AquaLux, we understand the intricate and delicate balance of each ecosystem and employ sustainable practices where possible to provide its unique care.

A Recommendation is Our Highest Compliment


  • Private Home Owner – Oakville

    I feel at ease when I am away on business knowing Greg is taking care of things back at home for me

  • Law Office – Markham

    Our staff loves him, Our clients love him! We look forward to our weekly visits

  • Private Home Owner – Pickering

    I didn't know this was possible... Greg made our dream a reality! We turn our sofa around so we can spend hours in front of our tank with the kids.

  • Property Manager, Toronto

    Greg is wonderful to work with and always has a smile on his face. He is truly passionate about what he does.

    He knows how to break down the complicated science of our aquarium eco-systems to our tenants and board members.  He is easily approachable with our tenant's requests for fish and coral.  We look forward to working with him for years to come, keeping our living art beautiful.

  • Private Home Owner, Thornhill

    For the past 5 years Greg has always been prompt, knowledgeable and efficient. He has an eye for detail and is meticulous not just in the tank but in my home; he has never left a mess behind. My fish are always happy and healthy. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Professional Real Estate Office

    Greg is FANTASTIC! I recommend him to all my home buyers.  He made me love my tank so much after switching maintenance providers, I upgraded to a bigger tank!  Its the gem of my office and my clients are always surprised by something new.

647-460-1286 Toronto, Ontario

toronto pond maintenance

Toronto Pond Maintenance (GTA)

AquaLux Aquatics now provides Pond Services.  Three affordable comprehensive pond maintenance packages take you from spring to fall seemlessly.

We provide a thorough cleaning in the spring, keep it beautiful all season and provide fall winterization, keeping your pond thriving for years to come.

Spring Pond Start Up:

April is usually the time to get your pond up and running for Toronto’s enjoyment season.  Taking the time to properly prepare your pond in spring rewards with a healthier pond all summer.

Our extensive check list ensures that your pond will have everything it needs to give you a season of enjoyment.

Seasonal Pond Maintenance:

Maintaining your pond’s balance is easy when you understand algae. Maintain crystal clear water without using harsh chemicals. Use fish-safe beneficial pond bacteria as part of your routine pond maintenance for optimal water quality and clarity.

Fall Pond Winterization:

October in Toronto is the time to prepare the pond for winter before water temperatures fall. Taking the time in fall to properly winterize the pond will pay off next spring with healthier water and fish.

We will make sure your plants and fish have everything they need to ensure their survival over the long winter.